Friday, February 21, 2014

Quilting Class Week 7

The weatherman had been predicting heavy storms all day, and I worried that we wouldn't be able to meet for quilting last night. However, Dolly, Roselyn, and Jackie all came, and we quilted right through the storm. The storm only lasted a few minutes here, and although I had cleaned up the basement just in case, we never even thought about going down there.

Our Stars and Stripes quilt is looking good, and we should finish it the next time we meet.  During our break last night, we talked about tee shirt quilts.  They are not traditional quilts, but a great way to get sentimental tee shirts out of the closet and display them.  

This is a block of the W.C. Handy quilt that I made several years ago.  The Handyfest has been going on many, many years, and tee shirts are easy to find.  Once I had collected enough tee shirts (they are all different), the quilt went together quickly and is now a treasure. 

This is the Handy tee-shirt quilt hanging at the Marriott Conference Center during the Handy Festival in 2011.

This class was made possible by a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts. Thanks!