Friday, February 7, 2014

Quilting Class Week 5

Last night, Dolly, Roselyn, Jackie, and I started on our second quilt.  The first one still needs some work, but we were anxious to start on this one.  The first one was quilted in the ditch, or around every piece, and the back is almost as pretty as the front.  This second quilt will be quilted using a fan pattern.  As you can see, we are off to a fantastic start.

Last night, like too many nights lately, was blue-butt cold and I'm so glad the ladies were brave enough to leave their warm homes to venture out to quilting class.  The cold does make one appreciate toasty quilts.

This is a small trip-around-the-world quilt that we talked about during the break last week.  This easy pattern is included in their notebooks; I hope all my students make one when this class is over. In 2012, this quilt was displayed at the Alabama governor's mansion during their Christmas open house.

The UNA basketball game was away last night, so Hub was home.  He has watched The Barefoot Contessa during the afternoon, and was in the mood to cook something.  So, about the middle of the class, the smell of chocolate just about overwhelmed us.  When the class was over, we had hot brownies.  Not a bad way to end the night!

This class is made possible by a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts.  Thanks!