Friday, February 14, 2014

How to Make a String Quilt

I make more string quilts than anything else, and everyone asks how to do it.  Here goes:

If you are a quilter or seamstress, you already have a tub of scraps.  If not, buy several quarter-yards of different fabrics and cut them in strips.  We called them strings; they were usually fabric scraps that were not big enough to use any other way.

Cut squares of desired size from newspapers.  These are 6.5" squares, and I use 9.5" sometimes.

Take a piece of fabric that is long enough to cover the center of the square diagonally. 

Add another string, place right sides together, and sew.  

Flip it around, and sew another piece of fabric on the other side of the center piece.

Press.  Don't worry about trimming right now.

Add two more pieces, one on each side.  Press.  As you can see, the paper square is covered on one side already.

Add another piece, making sure it covers all the paper.  Press.  It doesn't matter how wide or narrow the pieces are.  In fact, I think it looks better if there is a variety of sizes and colors.

This is how it will look when you turn it over.

With a rotary cutter and ruler, trim along the sides of the square.  You can use scissors, too, but why would you when this is so much easier?

Looks just like a paper square again.  But, when you turn it over, Ta Daa!!!!!!!!!! 

So pretty.  Now, make a stack of them, a big stack, and you can put them together any way you like.  Maybe like this:

My siblings and I had such fun with scrap quilts, picking out pieces that were left over from our school dresses or summer shorts.

By themselves, these small pieces of fabric are worthless and ready for the garbage truck.  By putting them together, you have a work of art, something that will warm and comfort you, and something you can be proud of. In addition, you have added something beautiful to the world.