Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy Birthday, George Washington

Convenience isn't always better.  Such is the case of the federal holiday called President's Day, created apparently because it is just too much trouble to honor two great leaders in the same short month.  On President's Day, did anyone hear George Washington mentioned? Or Abraham Lincoln?  Or was it joy that there was no school and big sales at the mall?

I am concerned that children today are not being taught about where they come from, about leaders that struggled and sacrificed and gave everything, sometimes their lives, so our country could be free.

George Washington couldn't afford to go to college.  He left school when he was fifteen to learn to be a surveyor.  He was a born leader, and said yes when asked to lead a bunch of untrained men against the British army. He persevered in spite of unbelievable conditions.

The new Americans, this body of people who had witnessed the birth of a nation, loved George.  They begged George to be their king.  He refused, saying I didn't fight George III to become George I. Instead, he was made President with limited powers.  He laid a foundation that worked.

What a man he must have been!  He really deserves a few minutes to be recognized on his birthday.