Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Quilts in Red Bay

After we had toured the Smithsonian exhibit at Red Bay on Saturday, one of the workers there told us about some other events that were going on in town.  One was a quilt show at the library, which happened to be next door to the exhibit.

This Cathedral Windows quilt was made by Alabama First Lady Dianne Bentley.  The colorful middles are fabrics from Governor Bentley's old ties.

There were old quilts

and new quilts.

All were beautiful,

but the one below is my favorite.
I don't know Hazel Hall, but I know that she owned a treasure. 
She must have taken very good care of the quilt, because it is in mint condition.
There is nothing more beautiful to a quilt collector than a handmade label like this one. 
Rest in peace, Grany Burcham. I wonder if you had any idea that your quilt would be so admired sixty-six years after you made it.