Thursday, September 26, 2013


Autumn comes in with a swath of color, and the brightest yellows come from goldenrod, growing wild along road sides and anywhere the seed can take root.  I love seeing it growing with purple iron weeds and other  wildflowers.  Sometimes, I cut it and bring it inside to enjoy.

Our family is not afflicted with allergies, so we look at goldenrod differently than some folks. It is not the main culprit in the allergy wars, however; ragweed causes many more allergy problems than goldenrod.  One of my students comes to class armed with tissues, and uses them all while she is there, her eyes watering and nose dripping constantly.  Her allergy medication causes her to be sleepy, so she can't take it while she is at school.  She will be more than happy when the last stalk of ragweed and goldenrod succumbs to frost. 

It may be at its peak now, so enjoy it even if you have to keep your distance.  Too soon, it will be replaced by the drab grays and browns of winter.