Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Muscadine Preserves

Yesterday, we took about a gallon of the muscadines and made preserves.  There was eight pints and a little extra when we were done.

These are not easy preserves to make, because you have to separate the pulp and hulls in order to take all the seed out before you can cook the preserves.  It took a lot of time, but hopefully, it will be worth it when we spread it on bagels and biscuits this winter.

 Thanks to my magic Ninja, the hulls and pulp were ground into small pieces, making it almost like a thick jelly.

 Sorry I don't have pictures for every step, but it was impossible when there was so much going on.

The house smelled fantastic as the preserves were cooking, and for a long time afterwards.  We did the obligatory taste test, and I think these sweet preserves will be worth every bit of the work!