Thursday, September 12, 2013


My hub is a hot pepper fanatic.  His favorite is cayenne, and he plants some every year.  He eats it at all three meals and with his snacks. I can eat it in the very early summer before it gets too hot.  I love the taste, but just refuse to eat anything that makes my lips burn for hours afterward.

We usually plant Jalapenos, too.  I can eat them all year as long as they are seeded and deveined.  I especially love those halves with cream cheese filling. I usually can some to pep up those blah winter meals.

The few plants that Hub planted this year have been very productive, giving us more than we can eat and enough to share.  We didn't plant any sweet peppers this year, but I'm enjoying some that my nephew, Jason, shared with me.

It makes me sad to walk through the garden this time of year, knowing that the plants that are still there won't be for long.  Still, I am very thankful for what we have grown and the full canning jars stacked in the pantry.