Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break

Teachers, as well as students, are always ready for spring break when it comes.

I have spent mine in many different ways through the years. Sometimes, there was a trip, but never to Florida or Gulf Shores because of the crowds.  Some years, the weather was warm enough that we worked outside getting the garden started.  Other times, it was just a week of reading and cleaning and resting.

Spring break starts today.  Outside, it is cloudy, windy, the wind chill temps are in the twenties, and the whole state has temps 20 degrees below normal.  There seems to be no gardening in the immediate future.

Still, there are many good things happening, like getting to sleep in everyday for a week.  There was a nasty stomach virus going around on campus last week (I had 50% absenteeism on Thursday) and we are hoping it will disappear during spring break.  I have a large stack of "to be read" books and lots of new's all good!