Monday, March 4, 2013

A Time to Pluck Up What You have Planted


When I was a child, almost everyone in  our little community were farmers.  Most worked at public  jobs during the winter, but come spring, they were itching to get their crop in the fields.  There was little or no cash coming in  during the spring and summer.  Vegetable gardens provided most of the family's food, and we got by.  All of us looked forward to the harvest; a time to celebrate and get paid for the work we had done since winter. 

We lived through not enough rain and too much rain; prices rising and falling; and too cool mornings and too hot afternoons.  It was a gamble, but it was good when it paid off.

Harvest also represents a sadder time, because whether your harvest is a success or failure, the growing season is over.  No more chances to put seed in the ground; winter is waiting at the front door, coming in if you are ready or not.

Whether your harvest is good or bad, it should be a reminder to us that the time of sowing comes, and then is gone. There is no more time for sitting around planning what you are going to do.  Never put off opportunities to help, to serve, to make life better for someone else.  I can't think of anything sadder than to know that the time we wasted is gone forever, and there is no ripe harvest to pluck up.