Monday, March 18, 2013

Quiltfest 2013

Quiltfest 2013 in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, was this past weekend.  It was their 19th show, and it just gets better all the time.  The first one I went to was their 3rd.  Hub and I were just cruising in Pigeon Forge when I saw the sign about Quiltfest.  We stopped in, and since that day, it has been my favorite quilt show.  I haven't missed many.

Some years, I send quilts for competition. Several years ago, I won third on a large wall hanging, and I think I embarrassed the quilters with me with my celebration. Another year, I didn't win, but someone bought one of my quilts. I was thrilled, not only because she didn't try to haggle with the asking price, but for the fact that the buyer was a quilt teacher there at the show that year.

This is one of the quilts I sent this year for a Civil War themed competition.  We had a packet of some rather dull fabric that had to be in the quilt, so I added a bright background just for color.  It is a cute quilt and will be on my wall before long.  It didn't win, but if I could show all the others, you would understand why.  This is a good quilt, not a great one, so I didn't anticipate winning, but it was just so much fun to see it hanging with the others.

There is a huge, new Convention Center in Pigeon Forge that is nearing completion.  The twentieth Quiltfest will be there next year.  It is going to be fabulous.  Make your reservations early!