Monday, June 13, 2016

St. Kitts

 St. Kitts, part of the West Indies, is one of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antillies.  Since it was settled, it has been French, Spanish, and British.  It has been identified with the British since 1783.

The island has volcanic mountain ranges in the middle of the island, which are too steep for habitation. 

We saw remnants of windmills and smokestacks that were used in the production of sugar at one time.  In 2005, the government closed the sugar industry.  Today, their major source of income is tourism.  There have been a lot of foreign investments in the last few years.  Anyone who buys property there becomes a citizen.

The Marriott.

Sir Timothy Hill is a popular place to stop, especially the day we were there.  Vendors were there, offering everything from tee shirts to the opportunity to have your photo taken with a monkey or a donkey with sunshades. On the eastern side is the Atlantic Ocean, and on the western side is the Caribbean Sea. Breathtakingly beautiful.

The capital, Basseterre, was built to look like Piccadilly Circus, complete with this Victorian-style clock tower.

When we arrived in St. Kitts, its highest mountain peak was covered with clouds, and it was still hidden when we left.