Monday, June 27, 2016

High Falls on Town Creek

We had left Lake Guntersville State Park and were on our

 way to Buck's Pocket State Park when we saw a small sign

 that said, "High Falls".It was at the junction of County Road 

394 and 149, off AL Highway 227 (between Grove Oak and 

Geraldine).  We decided to check it out.

This is how Town Creek looks before it reaches the falls.  Very peaceful with lots of families with little ones cooling off on a hot day.

Here the water is going over the falls.  It has been very dry here this year, and the falls were not exactly roaring. 

Obviously, this isn't me.  Even if I had the nerve to jump off, don't think I would be able to climb the rope back to the top.  It was great fun watching, though.

You can read about the history of High Falls here. Sure glad we were paying attention and noticed the sign.  We had to travel on some little roads, some of them gravel, but it was worth the trip.