Thursday, June 16, 2016

360 Grille

The 360 Grille, part of the Shoals Marriott,  has Alabama's only revolving restaurant at the top of the Renaissance tower. Monday was Hub's birthday, so we went to dinner there to celebrate.  The food was good, but we came for the view.

With the exception of the first and last, all these photos were shot through the windows of the restaurant. There are  reflections in some of the photos.

I had been told that being there during a thunderstorm was quite exciting, and the weatherman said we might get one.  However, the storm had passed to the other side of the river by the time we were seated.

We did get to see a rainbow from the thunderstorm. 

Singing River Bridge.

The restaurant revolves slowly, and the sun was still high on the horizon when it first came into view.  We were there for more than an hour, and the restaurant made a complete revolution before we left.

Going down.

Almost gone.

Pops with his favorite hostess.  It was a good afternoon/evening.