Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bird In Hand Farmer's Market

Just outside of Lancaster, Bird In Hand has a huge Farmer's Market.  I have never been in one so large and with so many various items for sale.  Items ranged from farm fresh meats, grains, baked items, spices, to all kinds of art and clothing.

There was so many goodies there, it was hard to decide what to buy.  We were a long way from home with very little room left in the car.

We settled on a huge peach fritter for $2.39 from a little Amish lady.  I'm sorry I didn't remember to take a photo of it. We devoured it in the car on the way to the Pennsylvania Turnpike and declared it was the best thing we had ever eaten.  It had pieces of fresh peaches throughout, and between bites, I studied it intensely, wondering how they were able to make something so awesome. I knew I had to try to make some when I got home.  So. . . .