Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jerry Lee Lewis/Rick Bragg

I have never been a big fan of Jerry Lee Lewis, but it would have been impossible to grow up in the South without hearing about him and his exploits.  Rick Bragg told us about this book more than two years ago, and I was excited when I learned that the publication release date was October 28.

My book came in the mail last Saturday, and I am less than half-way through it now.  Rick Bragg's writing is like your Grandma's coconut cake at Christmas; you want to take small bites so it can be savored and consumed without missing a crumb.  I'm pretty sure that if the powers that be would allow Rick Bragg to write the amendments to the Alabama constitution on the election ballot, they would be beautiful and easy to understand.

Hopefully, there will be a better review here after I have finished the last half of this book.  I have read enough at this point to highly recommend it.