Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Corn Bread

If you can't think of anything to be thankful for during this season of thanksgiving, think about corn bread.

Corn bread is the oldest bread in the United States.  The Native Americans had been feasting on it for years before the colonists got off their boats.  Thanks to the generosity of the Native Americans, many colonists were kept from starving by this staple.

Corn bread is the cornerstone of Southern cooking.  Because the early settlers could grow and grind their own corn, corn bread was served three times a day in many homes.  For breakfast, the hot corn bread was covered with butter and molasses.  For dinner and supper, it was served with meat and vegetables.  My mother would not have thought about setting the table without some corn bread.

For Sunday supper, we had beans with ham and corn bread, with a little onion on the side.  It is Hub's favorite meal. He loves cooking bread in this skillet with wedges, because every piece has crunchy crust.

Tomorrow, I plan to cook a big skillet full to crumble in the turkey dressing.  Hmmm, reckon what else I will need to make the dressing?