Monday, October 20, 2014

Pretty leaves and Pumpkins

Autumn is not just pretty leaves and pumpkins.

We had a perfect weather weekend here in North Alabama: sunny, cool, and a nice breeze.  On Saturday, we could have gone to the Bell Buckle, Tennessee, arts festival or the Kentuck arts festival.  I could have gone to a meeting on Saturday or attended a fall festival on Sunday afternoon.

We did none of these things.  We worked in the yard, cleaning the detritus of summer and getting rid of things we won't need for the coming winter.  Seasons are the stuff of life, the ever changing cycle that never stops, and no matter how hard it is to let go,  we have to accept it and move on.

When I am grieving, angry, frustrated, sad, and/or overwhelmed, I find   the best therapy is doing physical work outside.  I can better deal with things when I'm breathing fresh air and working in silence. Many years ago, a therapist told me the best thing for emotional management was getting a plastic bat and hitting a tree with it until all energy is gone.  I guess that works, but I prefer to spend my energy on raking up hickory nut hulls.