Monday, October 27, 2014

Nashville Flea Market

With everything going on last Saturday, we decided to go to the Nashville Flea Market.  There are lots of things we like about it, including it is a great excuse to stay outside all day.

There is such a wonderful and varied assortment of items for sale.

These huge balls of mums were only $15.  Unfortunately, they were too big to bring home in the car.

There was flipped furniture everywhere; again, we can't buy anything that won't fit in the car. 

I can't think of a single thing I need a piece of cow hide for.  If the need arises, I'll know where to get it.

I loved these antique baby shoes, but not enough to part with $45.  I got the picture instead for free.

One of the most unique booths was Rusty Rats Antiques & Vintage, owned by Jim Gray and Charlie Accavallo.  They make furniture and accessories from old car parts, like this table below.

This item below with the car hood is a bar/cabinet with lots of storage.  You can see me in the old cabinet on the right taking the picture (totally unplanned).

You can see more of their work at

We got there before nine, and by two our cart was full and our feet were killing us, so we called it a day even though we had not seen everything there.  We stopped at Logan's in Spring Hill for a late lunch, and ran into some good friends there.  After we visited and had lunch with them, we were ready to come home and take our shoes off.

It was a day we will long remember.