Wednesday, October 15, 2014

After the Storm/Hickory Nuts

I have written before about the hickory tree just off our deck in the back.  This year, it has billions of hickory nuts.  This is what was on the deck after Monday's storms.

We have already removed many, many hickory nuts from the deck, and it looks like there are many more on the tree.

We sat inside Monday night and listened to the thunder, the pouring rain, the howling wind, and hickory nuts crashing on the deck.  It sounded like a battle going on for a while.

I wish they were as good as pecans in pies.  I would have enough to make a pie for everybody I know.  The squirrels love them, and my dog, Sherlock, eats them when he is bored.  

Come on over and sit a spell.  If it is storming, we will stay inside.