Monday, August 25, 2014

Snuff glasses

Last Thursday night, Hub and I went to the Bailey Auction House auction on Chisholm Road north of Florence. I was able to buy these eleven snuff glasses for $4.  SCORE!!!

I buy these old glasses just about every time they are offered at auction.  We love to use them for drinking glasses, and so do lots of other people we know.  There are some lead crystal
drinking glasses in our kitchen cabinet, but I always get the snuff glass. 

In the box of glasses we bought last week, we found this little tin, almost full of snuff.  Hub said we could keep it to use on insect bites.  Grandma kept a little can like this in her apron pocket, and refilled it regularly with snuff from the 8-ounce glass.

This can is not too old, because it has a UPC code and a warning. Tooth loss? Gum disease?

My toothless grandmother told us she started dipping snuff when she was six years old.  Her teeth were long gone before I was born, and her tongue and gums were always dark-colored from the snuff.  She enjoyed it until the day she died.  I know it is human nature to hate change, but I think the fact that snuff-dipping is no longer common is a cultural change that we can appreciate.

It is only logical that these snuff glasses will become rare as time goes on, so I'm buying enough to last a long time.

It doesn't take much to make me happy.