Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moss Rose/Portulaca

I remember my Grandma Gean planting portulaca every spring in a battered-up dishpan.  She patched the little holes that wore into the aluminum until it couldn't be patched anymore, then it became a flower pot. She would fill the dishpan with rich dirt and plant portulaca seed she had saved from the previous year.  The common name for portulaca is moss rose, but the rose part had been lost, so we just called it moss. 

Grandma wasn't trying to impress anyone by recycling, and if we had asked her if she was going green, she would have looked at us like we were crazy. She did it because she had a soul that required beautiful things around her, and she wasn't going to be denied by a little thing like poverty.

So when Hub found a new used wheelbarrow at an auction, he was ready to take this one to the dump.  Instead, we put a little topsoil in it and bought a pack of portulaca seed. We can move it around with the sun, or in spots that need a little extra color.  

Thanks, Grandma, for planting this idea in my brain many, many years ago.  I'm enjoying it every day.