Monday, December 30, 2013

McKay Books

One day several years ago, I had my head down in a basket of old books at Loaves and Fishes when I heard someone call my name.  It was my friend, Janet, there to look for books, too.  I met Janet when we both did the Alabama Master's Gardening Program in 1999.

We visited for a while, and Janet told me about this wonderful book store she had found in Chattanooga named McKay Books.  I couldn't wait until the next time we would be in Chattanooga to check it out.

If you read this blog regularly, you know that we love the Smoky Mountains and go there every time we can.  Now, we have to stop at McKay's when we go through Chattanooga; it is just part of the trip.  When we finish reading a book, unless it is a keeper, it goes into the "McKay's" bag and we take them to trade for other books.

For some strange reason, it takes a little longer for me to look for books that it does for Hub.  Last time we were there, he went upstairs and shot these photos while I was still looking.

You can find them here.  They also have stores in Nashville and Knoxville.

It is a book lover's heaven.  Happy, happy, happy.