Friday, December 20, 2013

Herbert Clabo

While we were at Sugarlands last Saturday, we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Herbert Clabo. He is an interesting man, to say the least.

Mr. Clabo was born in 1911, and early next year, he will be 103 years old.  We wondered if he had a secret of longevity, and he was happy to talk to us about it.

I think it depends on how you live.  I went to Sunday School 35 years without missing a Sunday. I think that probably helped.  I've always tried to be a purty good fellow.  I've always been poor and skinny; that might have helped, too. Watch what goes down the red lane (throat?); it's your body, take care of it. Choose turnips over pudding. There are too many fat people in the world today. I'm doing purty good right now. I never went to the doctor until I was ninety, and he just starting pouring them pills down me.  I hiked in the mountains until I was ninety-nine.

Mr. Clabo was born and raised in the area where Roaring Fork trail is now. He is descended from the Ogles.

We were told that Mr. Clabo still eats bear meat every week.