Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Abandoned Graveyard

We found it in some woods near the river, this old abandoned cemetery that doesn't have a name.

The owner of the property where it is located told us about it.  He said he bought the land without knowing the cemetery was there.  He just happened upon it one day while he was hunting. The owner gave us permission to visit, as long as we promised not to be digging for treasure.

I'm thinking this ivy was planted to decorate the grave of a loved one.  Now it covers a large area, having had almost two hundred years to spread.

The people buried here never saw the Civil War, never had electric lights, or never owned a car. 

Obviously, they were loved.  Some graves have tombstones that must have been elaborate and expensive during the 1820s.  All that remains of some other graves is a sunken, rectangular depression.

Some cedar trees that were planted have fallen and decomposed, leaving only jagged stumps.  Other cedars are huge and overshadow the graves that are near them.

I have to wonder what happened to the people who buried their dead here. It is possible they had to relocate due to several reasons, including the Civil War.  It doesn't matter to the bones beneath the ivy, but it just makes me sad that no one comes with bright flowers and rakes the leaves away.

The woods have reclaimed the clearing where people wept and said goodbye and went on with their lives, whether they wanted to or not. The planet just keeps on turning.