Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quilting Class: Week 2

We were able to meet for our quilting class last night after missing last week due to weather.  No rain or icy roads last night, just blue-butt cold.  Poor Rose was in bed with coughing and a cold and wasn't able to attend.

While we stitched the night away, we talked about why we do this. Daisy's mother was a wonderful quilter, and Daisy feels like it honors her mom to carry on the tradition.  When she moved to her current house several years ago, Daisy's mom was thrilled that she had a big, empty basement, and saw the opportunity for hosting quilting bees there.  Daisy was willing, but her time was spent picking up and dropping off the ladies, and feeding them while they were there.  It is a precious memory of time shared with her mom.

Like me, Tulip fears that quilting will become a lost art, and she wants to do her part to see that it doesn't happen.  Besides, she says, you get to play with color.  Tulip had one of those nights where everything that could go wrong did, but she managed to get a good bit of stitching done.  She is hoping her needle and thread will be kinder next week.

Violet is recently retired from an office job, and wants to learn new things.  She can crochet, knit, and sew clothing, but until two weeks ago, had never sat down at a quilting frame.  She comes from a non-quilting family, which is somewhat rare around here.  One of her goals in learning to quilt is to make each of her five grandchildren a special and unique quilt for them to treasure.

We should finish the quilt we're working on next week, as long as the weather cooperates.   I can't wait to do it again.

This class is made possible by a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts. Thanks!