Friday, January 25, 2013

Pillowcase Dresses

When I started working on the crazy quilt I told you about here:,
I found many pillowcases that had never been used.  I can almost see someone working on this embroidery after supper, thinking it was too pretty to use and deciding to save it for someday.  I'm guessing someday never came for them, since the pretty pillowcases wound up in a box being auctioned.  Although some had been made nearly a half a century ago, they had been carefully stored and were in almost new condition.  It seemed a shame to cut them up in little pieces. 

Previously, somewhere on the Internet, I had seen little dresses made from pillowcases.  The pattern is on several sites, so I gave it a try.

Members of the church I attend make several medical missionary trips a year to third-world countries.  Not all of us have medical skills, but we can all do something.  I work with the women's missions group to make cloth dolls to send with the medical team (that's a blog for another day).  Next time they go, they will have several little dresses to take with them.

Morals of this little story: 
1.  Surround yourself with beautiful things; it is your someday now.
2.  Never throw away something beautiful; find a way to use it.
3.  You can serve God as a missionary without leaving the country.

I can imagine some little girls smiling big when they get a new dress.