Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

It's raining here today, and too nasty to do anything outside.  I have finished cleaning up from Christmas, so it seems like the perfect day to work on a quilt that needs to be finished by January's end.

I'm happily sewing, and my Grandmother's memory suddenly appeared,  shaking her finger at me, telling me I know better.  Grandma was convinced that if you sewed on New Year's day, you would be called on to make a burial shroud before the year was over.  It had actually happened to her and taught her a lasting lesson.

It is fifty years later, and if everyone I know passes away in 2013, I'm pretty sure I won't be asked to make a burial shroud.  I can make quilts, but nothing else.  That's a great comfort to me, because I'm not going to waste this day because of a superstition.

Another superstition concerning New Year's day is that you can't wash clothes, because you will wash someone out of your life.  I don't remember if Grandma believed this, unless it fell on Wednesday. Everyone knew it was a terrible sin to wash on Wednesday.  I've read the Bible through many times, and still haven't found that particular verse concerning rules about doing laundry.

So don't wash or sew if it makes you uncomfortable.  Whatever you do, be determined to make this year the best that you possibly can.  I challenge you to do something exciting this year that you have never done before! We'll talk about it on this day in 2014. Right now, I have to go put some laundry in the washer.