Friday, September 21, 2012

Folklife Friday: Come to the Fair

I always try to attend the county fair, but it isn't nearly as exciting as it used to be.

Some brave leaders at the elementary school I attended would bus all the students who wanted to go into town for the "School Day at the Fair".  We always went with our dollar which would last all day because rides were ten cents and most of the day was spent standing in line.  You had to be careful not to be tempted by the heart-shaped jewelry which was lovely but cost 25 cents and that could really eat into your ride budget.

Our parents warned us about the people who worked at the fair, the ones with tattoos and cigarettes, because they thought just working at the fair made you dishonest.   Watch them, they said.  One year, we even heard about a girl my family knew who fell in love with the merry-go-round operator and left town with him when the fair ended. That was the last we heard from her!

Back then, I was shy, although I know some of you find that hard to believe.  A cute fellow, who was also shy, asked me to ride the Scrambler with him.  It is hard to know which side of the car to sit on, because neither of them is all that great.  After the ride started going real good, I was practically in his lap and red with embarrassment.  Lesson learned. Pick your Scrambler partner wisely.

Nowadays, I love all the exhibits and animal shows.  Back then, the exhibit buildings were just a place to use the bathroom.

These fine animals were getting ready for  the mule show.

I know it is blurry, but that's my granddaughter on the right.  My thrill of riding has been replaced by instinct to protect mature bones and body parts.

Even the moon showed up.

I can't find a scriptural reference, but I'm pretty sure it must be a sin to go to the fair and not have a corn dog.  We had a corn dog, and Hub bought these lovelies called Fried Oreos.  Interesting. They were real good, but I think my eyes crossed from the sugar and fat.

Still pretty after all these years.