Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Little Bro

My little brother, Mack Ellis Stricklin, would have been 54 today.  His life was stolen in 2002 by liver cancer, and we have been robbed of the love and joy he continually brought to our lives.

He is on the right in the photo.  He and my youngest brother, Joey, were all dressed up in their new overalls for this picture.  See the look on his face?  It remained there all his life--the look that said there wouldn't be any dull moments when he was around.

It's been ten years since he has been gone, and I  miss him so bad.  I still laugh out loud sometimes remembering some of the things he did as a child. 

My youngest son, Mitchell, is so much like him, both in his looks and ways, and I am thankful for that.