Monday, July 2, 2012

Great Blue Herons

When we were in the mountains week before last, everyone was talking about bears.  It seems that because of the mild winter the Southeast had, the bear population has just exploded.  I can't swear that is true, because we didn't see any bears.

We went hiking every day and spent a whole day in Caves Cove looking for bears.  We saw numerous deer, wild turkeys, snakes, and a million people, but no bears.

The day we came home, we left early and drove back over to Tremont, which is on the road to Cades Cove.  Again, we didn't see a bear, but we saw something just as exciting.

In a very tall, dead tree, we saw a Great Blue Heron couple with their two babies in their nest. The little ones were not so little, and the nest seemed very crowded from my viewpoint far away and far below.

These pictures were made before the Sun came up over the mountain.  I didn't change them to black and white; this is exactly the way it looked that morning.

No doubt, we will have to go again to look for bears.