Thursday, July 5, 2012

Before and After

This picture of the flower bed in my back yard was made on April 14.  Looks pretty bare, right?  The grass was really green then.

Here it is on July 4.  We have had lots of blooms come and go.  The margarita in front has been cut back because it was covering up some of the other things.  The tall plants behind the bird bath are bee balm, and they are just beginning to bloom.  That is tansy and valerian behind the blue bottles.

Hub is diligent in keeping the bird bath filled.  We enjoy watching all the birds who frequent the bird bath and enjoy the water in this hot weather.  The robins love it, or maybe they just love to bathe more than the others.

The grass is not so green now, in fact, it is crunchy when we walk on it.  Hub waters the plants and flowers but not the grass.  We had rain all around us yesterday.  Hopefully, the showers will find our house today.