Friday, June 12, 2015


On Tuesday, Hub and I were walking the TVA trail by the river, the one that goes to the Rockpile.  It was quite and peaceful, and for no known reason, I happened to look up in the trees. The owl was so still, at first I thought it was a fake one like my neighbor has in his garden.

The owl never made a sound but looked us over pretty good.  I shot this picture

and he turned his head away. (Don't yell at me if its not a he. I don't know much about owls.)

He turned back to look at us (maybe he was checking to see if we had gone away).  I took another picture

and he turned his head away again.  Maybe we woke him up and he was in a foul mood.

What? You're still here? I took another picture

and he turned his head again.  This time, we had to be really patient.  I told him that if he would look at us one more time, then we would go away.

So he gave us one more chance and posed real nice for us, and we left.  All that time, he didn't move anything except his head; not one feather moved anywhere else on his body. Just look at those eyes!