Friday, February 20, 2015

Winter, You Aren't Welcome Here

~Florence Main Street photo

                          I do not like the cold North breeze
or temps low enough to freeze
the pipes, the plants, and the parts
of motor cars that make them start.

I do not like the freezing rain
that makes the roads a major pain
to try to get to work and school.
I do not like it, and I’m no fool.

I do not like the mushy snow.
It doesn’t set my heart aglow.
Instead, it just makes me mean
as I pine for something green.

I do not like the low, gray sky.
Sometimes, it makes me want to cry
when I think of all the blue skies gone
and weeks of winter yet to come.

I do like the summer, humid and hot;
long lazy days and temps that do not
fall below seventy, even at night!
Hurry up, Summer! It’s nowhere in sight.
~Wanda Stricklin Robertson