Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quilting Class: Week 3

 It was a cold, cold night, but we all came ready to sew some blocks!  It is such a pleasant sound to me, four sewing machines humming at the same time.

The quilt above was made using 9 1/2 inch blocks, shown below.  One day last winter, I retreated to my sewing cave and made 84 of these blocks.  I used 42 of them in the quilt above.

Has anyone noticed how much chicken fabric is in my blocks?

I paired 24 of the remaining blocks with this blue and red fabric and made windmill blocks.  When you look at the quilt top, which windmill do you see first?  Is it the blue/red fabric, or the pieced block?

It really doesn't matter, because both are pretty.  The blue/red windmills sorta jump out at me.

We have completed three weeks and have lots of blocks made, but it seems to me this scrap pile hasn't changed any.  Actually, it seems a little bigger but we know that can't be possible.  Ah, so many potential quilts just laying there, waiting to be put together.

This class is made possible by a grant from the Alabama State Council on the Arts.