Tuesday, November 19, 2013

No pity, Girl

No Pity, Girl
Wanda Stricklin Robertson
We see you sneer as you
bounce by the arthritic pool
while we are stretching cellulite
legs with titanium parts.
 We don't need your pity, Girl.
You are looking at you
after you have birthed babies
and scaled mountains and drunk in life.
 These winged arms have hugged
away hurt and served as a haven
for breaking hearts. They have
pushed back monsters and storms.
These varicosed legs have run many
miles, more uphill than down.  They
have reached the summit and danced
all night in celebration and light.
No pity, Girl, we're doing fine.
Don't use up precious time on us,
just love large and live out loud and
leave laughter on your road here.