Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Church Meeting and Turkeys

This is what happens when five intelligent and highly motivated women get together to discuss Sunday School business.  Yes, that is exactly what we were doing.  My turkey is on the left.  So I'm not the best turkey maker in the world---I can live with that. Move on.

I knew I was in trouble when I broke an Oreo right after we got started.  The turkey just never was the same after that.

Apparently, some people are natural-born turkey makers.  Not me.

Blind turkey.

Of course, we could eat the ones we messed up.

Hard at work!

Just look at the concentration on Lo's face.  Pretty sure Annette is getting rid of the evidence.

It looked easy on paper.

Five little turkeys all in a row; Ho, Ho, Ho!

No, wait!  It is Thanksgiving; no Ho, Ho, Ho yet.

You be the judge.  Kathy's was perfect, except it didn't have any legs. Still mighty tasty.