Monday, October 21, 2013

Museum of Appalachia Homecoming

On October 13, we were privileged to attend the 34th annual Tennessee Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia near Knoxville.  We have been several  times before, but it had been about a decade since we had enjoyed the homecoming. 
We were ready.

The sounds of Appalachian music filled the autumn air.  There were five stages on the grounds with different musicians about every thirty minutes.   Everywhere we went, there was music.

Children loved this--for a dollar, they could shell an ear of corn and take it with them.

It would take way too long to name all the musicians there.  We enjoyed them all.

This quilt was perfect for the old cabin porch.

These Revolutionary fellows fired off their muskets occasionally, just to keep things lively.

We loved watching all the children there.  This little girl danced and played in the dirt at Stage 2 during a performance.  I'm hoping these little ones will learn and continue the traditions of Appalachia.
More tomorrow. . .