Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Garden

Here's a look at the fall garden.  Above is the abundant turnip greens.  I haven't cooked any yet, but they are ready.  I love smelling them as I walk through the garden.

The kale is looking good, too. 
The collard greens look a little scrawny, but we never eat them until after frost anyway.  Frost just makes them better.

The radishes are almost big enough to eat.  This one is having a hard time against that rock.

The cucumbers are blooming and have little ones.  These came up from seed from the spring cucumbers.
I was so happy to see these little sprouts of green.  We transplanted this pink weigela bush and all the leaves died and I thought we had killed the bush for sure.  It looks like it is going to be alright.
Yesterday was such a great day to work outside.  I am so in love with October.