Friday, May 17, 2013

and a Time to Refrain from Embracing

When I went into a high school as a teacher, many years had lapsed since I was a student in one. I had a great culture shock.  Things were not as they used to be. 

One thing that we didn't do (at least, I didn't see it) was to openly display affection in the hallways.  I had two students who had discovered love, and they had no qualms about sharing it with the world.  They would find each other between classes, and I'm surprised the paint didn't come off the walls from the heat.  Other students would pass by and yell, "Get a room!"  I had them for a one o'clock class, and both were frequently absent, having taken a longer-than-allowed lunch break.

Ah, young love.  I think we have all been there, but some of us were able to contain ourselves in public.  Some things are so special, they should not be shared with anyone, especially a bunch of strangers.  I see it now in the mall, in restaurants, and in movie theaters.  I wonder, are they trying to impress us?  Do they think they are the first to discover physical attraction and want to show off?  Peeps, please!  There is nothing new under the sun.

Oh, and my young students so much in the second semester, they hated each other fiercely and had to be seated on opposite sides of the classroom to keep the peace.  Life goes on.