Thursday, May 9, 2013

A time to cast away stones. . .

Anyone raised by depression-era parents learned to be frugal, to save, because you might need it someday.  My mom saved used aluminum foil, every grocery bag, and old clothing that someone might could wear.  She saved mayonnaise jars and empty plastic containers after the butter was gone.  She saved old magazines, including the ones that people with a strange and misunderstood religions left for her in hope of mass conversions.

Attending estate auctions is something I have done for several years, and sometimes, I find treasures.  There is usually a stack of boxes that are sold as one lot, because they contain things that were valuable to the deceased but can't get a $1 bid from strangers.  It always makes me sad, thinking about those people saving these items that no one wanted.  These carefully hoarded items had become a burden that the survivors had to get rid of.

There comes a time to get rid of, to cast away, material things that we no longer need; things that hold us back.  I know one couple who won't attend social events together; one of them has to stay home to guard their "stuff".  How sad is that?  Let it go!  Some of my friends have told me that it is very freeing, getting rid of stuff that ties you down.

One of my heroes changed careers about fourteen years ago, moving to another state to start over.  When she was ready to leave, she was able to move all her possessions in the back seat of her car.  She has made it just fine without the things she left behind.  I'm working on it, but it would still take a moving van for me.