Monday, April 8, 2013

True Story: I Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Late Saturday afternoon, I was hit with a craving for some Mexican food, and was soon in the parking lot of one of our local restaurants.  There was a police car parked outside, but it was supper time, so I thought an officer had stopped to pick up some supper.

I went inside to order some to-go dinner, but the hostess was not in her place behind the counter.  Looking across the room, I saw her standing by a booth with a police officer.  There was a well-dressed gray-haired woman sitting in the booth.  I sat down at the place provided and waited.

After talking for several minutes, the officer escorted the woman to the check- out counter, which was right in front of where I was sitting.  The hostess gave her the total, $14.85, and the woman threw  a $20 in her face.  The hostess gave the woman her change and told the officer that the woman was not to come there again.  After that, the woman threw a $5 in her face and told her that was the tip.

I go to this restaurant more than I probably should, and the hostess knows me.  After the woman and the officer were gone, she told me what had happened.

The woman had wadded up her ticket and thrown it at the waitress that gave it to her.  She had yelled and pointed her finger in the face of the waitress and the hostess.  She had called them names and made some bigoted remarks. The woman was in a rage, about to lose her sanity.  Why?

She was mad because the shell of her taco salad was not round.  That restaurant makes their own, and they are in an oblong shape (I know this because I have eaten many of them).  She was accustomed to eating round shells, and this one was unacceptable.  This is why she acted like a pure edjit, which is much worse than an idiot, in front of God and the rest of us.

After the officer told her that she had to pay for her food, the woman asked for a to-go box.  I'm guessing she can eat out-of-round taco salads at home, just not in the restaurant.

People, please!!  I long for a world where the only thing wrong is the shape of some delicious fried dough.  I'm thinking she may be one of those people who eat free all the time because they complain. In fact, the hostess told me they would have given her the food if she hadn't acted so nasty.  I wonder if the woman was dining alone because no one she knows will go out to eat with her.  It just made me thankful for the normal people that I get to dine with.