Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Garden Tour

On Saturday, a friend and I went to eight different gardens that were part of the Shoals garden tour.  The gardens were all special, each in its own way.

It is totally amazing to me that some of the gardens were in small backyards, but designed to twist and turn and appear much larger that they really are.   Some had wooden fences around the garden, and it was like stepping into another world when you went through the gate.

Because spring was late getting here, some of the plants were not bloomed out as much as they usually are at this time.  One garden owner graciously invited us to return when the roses were in full bloom.

I made lots of pictures, and you will probably see all of them eventually, but I'm not going to overwhelm you with all of them   today.  The whole day was perfect, and I don't know when I have had that much fun for $5. 

 I always leave with great ideas, and hope my brain retains them until I can get some things done.  One gardener told me she had worked on hers for sixteen years, building patience along with her lovely beds of flowers.   I really appreciate all the gardeners for sharing this beauty with us.