Tuesday, June 26, 2012

John Oliver Cabin

The John Oliver Cabin in Cades Cove is the typical mountain cabin: made from logs with a fireplace and a sleeping area in the attic.  John and his wife were some of the first white settlers to the area, and would have starved the first winter without help from the Cherokee who lived there.  The couple had nine children (two died as infants) and raised them in this cabin.

The very knowledgeable volunteer ranger counted off nine of us in the small area (the whole house was smaller than our living room) and asked us to imagine living there.  He explained that the cabin was for sleeping and storage; everything else was done outside. And who wouldn't want to stay outside, when your front yard looks like this?

One of the ladies in the crowd asked the ranger, "How in the world did they have that many children in this crowded cabin with no privacy?"

The ranger sheepishly smiled and said, "Pretty much the same way we do it today."