Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Grocery Shopping

If you haven't been to the grocery store this week, here's an ad for you.

Actually, this ad is from the 1930s for a local grocery store.  I found it in Sweetwater: The Story of East Florence by William Lindsey McDonald.

The thing I found most strange was the 1/2 cent on some of the items, such as their 10 cent napkins at only 7 1/2 cents.  I would be so happy to pay 17 1/2 cents for a whole pound of cream cheese.

Ten pounds of potatoes was the same price as a pound of bacon.  A dozen apples were 12 cents, compared to a can of peaches for 15 cents. I know what our fruit would have been that week.

The best thing about this ad is the promise to have these groceries delivered to your kitchen.  People then  must not have been as picky as we are now.  I think I could live with whatever the grocer picked out for me just to keep from going  to the store.