Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Nest Egg Gourds

From Baker's Creek Seed Company:

Japanese Nest Egg Gourd

(C. pepo) Highly popular in the 1800's, the gourds are the size and shape of a hen's egg, and are white in color. They are used as nest eggs; often found growing wild here in the Ozarks.

Does anyone besides me remember these?

Grandma used to grow them.  The dried gourds look exactly like eggs.  Grandma put them in nests to get the hens in the mood for setting.  If we are able to grow some to maturity, I'll probably use them in craft projects.

The seeds were ordered soon after we received this year's catalog.  I sowed them about three weeks ago; they have grown so large that we had to transplant them yesterday.  I am a little uncomfortable about putting them out this early, but they were sending out vines and needed to be planted by the fence where they can 'stretch out'.

Hopefully, there will be some pictures of them here later. . .