Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good Night, Mr. Bandstand

I was saddened to hear of the death of Dick Clark yesterday.  For some of us, it is another piece of our childhood gone for good.

Bandstand was on from since I can remember, and we loved watching it.  Remember, we had no music videos back then and didn't get to see singers of the songs we loved very often.  My lil' ole sister and I just couldn't wait on Saturday to see who was going to be on Bandstand.

And couldn't those teenagers with their teased hair and white boots do the jerk and mashed potatoes and twist?  Dick Clark was always gracious to them, even after hundreds didn't like the lyrics but loved the beat.

Strange that I can remember watching the show and the dancers and Dick Clark in the sixties clearly and can't remember what I wore to work yesterday.

I am aware that Dick Clark was well known for the New Year's eve shows and other things, but he will always be "Mr. Bandstand" to me. 

Thanks for the memories.