Monday, February 20, 2012

Multitude Monday: Worship

Cold wind was whipping the raindrops into tiny missiles and they attacked me as I hurried from my car up the stairs.  The warm purple cape that a friend had gifted me was dripping cold around the edges before I made it inside, worried that it would be ruined.  In my haste, gloves had been forgotten and holding the wet, iron stair rail was like holding ice.  I thought about the warm fire in the fireplace at home.

I am settled, surrounded by friends, the slightly damp cape behind me, when the good pastor, he looks straight at me and says, "Have we become padded pew Christians?"  I am ashamed.  I have come to worship and all I have thought about is my own comfort.

Tangible things are a blessing from God.  There is nothing wrong with having a beautiful, comfortable place to worship, as long as it isn't what we are worshiping.  The same Holy Spirit inhabits our praise, whether it is a thatch-roofed hut in Africa or a crude block building in Honduras or a cathedral with steeples reaching toward heaven. 

Thanking Him today for:
    this promise: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)
    a warm and dry place to worship
    no fear of being arrested for worshipping God
    a Father that is never distant
    a Father that will never fail
    a Father who will do what He says He will do
    a Father who is always enough
    friends to pray with
    friends to laugh with
    friends that help when I stumble
    friends to teach me
    elderly friends who mentor
    young friends who give me hope

    friends who call at just the right time
    a safe trip out of town
    beautiful granddaughters
    unexpectedly seeing old friends
    freedom to dance
    health to dance
    success stories
    sunshine after the rain
    reflection of sunlight off windchimes; dancing on the wall
    hot cereal
    work to do
    the power of letting go

                                    Joy Dare 101-125