Monday, November 7, 2011

It's About Time

At last, we are back on Central Standard Time.

I'm always happy when Daylight Saving time is over. I love that it is light when I get up. Yes, it gets dark earlier, but that's okay with me. My youngest son has a job that requires him to get up very early, so he has to go to bed very early. Now, he can stay up until dark!

My Grandma Gean refused to set her clock up in the summer, thinking it was a sin. So all summer, we were in a state of confusion about what time something was going to happen....was we supposed to pick her up at nine or ten? Old time or new time? She fought a losing battle, but she was diligent until the end.

It takes several weeks for me to get all the clocks changed. So if I'm early, that's why.

We may need to rethink this whole thing.