Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Anniversary and the Foster Family Band

Last night, it was raining with the threat of snow. The dark was accompanied by a wind that undoubtedly had just passed over a glacier before it got to North Alabama. Normally, on a night such as that, I would be snuggled in jammies and under a quilt on the couch. But last night was different.

First of all, yesterday marked the 42nd journey of the earth around the sun since that rainy day in 1969 when Hub and I were married. I have made countless meals since then, but I refused to cook last night. We enjoyed dinner out and then went to a concert by Dr. Bill Foster and the Foster Family band.

In addition to being a musician, Dr. Foster is a superb storyteller. He shared some Civil War stories that his family had planted as they spent evenings on the front porch of their Appalachian home. His stories are so real and pure that you can almost feel the rough boards of the porch beneath you.

We were accompanied by some friends that are relatively new to the area, and it was the first time they had seen Dr. Foster and his family. They enjoyed it immensely. We are all looking forward to the University of North Alabama's Storytelling Festival in May, when we will be able to hear more of these stories.

The Foster family spent many years on the road, but only perform now for special occasions. We are so blessed to have talent like this in our area.

Sorry the photos are not better; it was difficult from where I was sitting. They have a wonderful bass player, but I wasn't able to get him in the photo.